Citrus Fruits


Citrus is an important fruit crop in Kenya and ranks fourth after bananas, pineapples and mangoes.[MOA,2007].About 10000 hectares are planted with sweet orange, Lemons, and Grapefruits that produce a total of 87000 metric tons valued at Ksh 1.7 billion[MOA,2008].

The highest production is in the Coast ,Eastern, and Rift valley provinces. However, production does not met the local demand [MOA, 2003] necessitating importation of large qualities of citrus fruits and products. There is therefore scope for improving the production and quality of local Citrus.

Agricultural Development Corporation grows citrus mainly in Transnzoia district at ADC Suam Orchards. The Unit consists of some 725.6 Hectares (1,793 acres).Approximately 67.8 hectares of this has citrus fruits under an efficient gravity irrigation. Citrus includes different varieties of oranges, lemons and lime.

The varieties include; Temple oranges, Kara mandarine, Satsuma tangerine, Bear lemon, Lisbon lemon, rough lemon ,Mediterranean oranges, Valencia late oranges  Washington navel

ADC Suam Orchards has embarked on citrus fruit quality improvement to match improve on the final quality and beat the competition from imported ones through pre-harvest treatment.

ADC Suam orchard is a major source of citrus fruit seedlings to the Kenyan farmer.ADC sells over 2, 500 tones of high quality citrus annually.